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This week I was lucky enough to experience Brooklyn’s very own vegan shopup! Until last weekend, I was a jealous instagram follower from afar, but I got to experience vegan shopup glory all of my own, and now you, home at your computer, can get a glimpse into what you’ll get to experience for yourself! If you don’t know what a shopup is, don’t worry, it’s where a bunch of awesome vendors come together and sell their specialty items all in one spot, and in this case, all the goods are vegan!

Without further adieu, here’s 7 things you ought to know about vegan shopup Brooklyn:

1. Vegan Bloody Mary’s

vegan bar pinebox rock shop

Yeah Dawgs at the vegan Shopup at the Pine Box Rock Shop vegan bar!

Yep you can start your shopping off right with a vegan Bloody Mary (which usually contain fish ingredients in them if you aren’t aware) or a beer or soda if Bloody Marys aren’t your sorta thing. But best about this little factoid is that Vegan Shopup is held at the Pine Box Rock Shop an all vegan bar.

   2. Vegan French Macarons

french macaroon

Vegan French Macarons featuring S’more flavored, lavender, and rose flavored from Sweet Maresa

If you didn’t know, I studied abroad in Paris and fell in love with the little treats! BUT they aren’t vegan, so ever since going vegan I’ve been on the hunt for great French style macarons! I’m a macaron snob to say the least. But the wonderful Maresa Volante aka Sweet Maresa is a VEGAN macaron master! But really, these macarons brought me back to my days in Paris, they’re airy, crispy, and delicate. My favorite macaron flavors are always the floral variety, so I naturally picked lavender, rose, and s’more. The rose, as always, was my favorite. It was so delicate and flavorful! Sweet Maresa is also awesome because she uses all naturally derived ingredients and farmer’s market ingredients! If you ever get the opportunity, make sure to grab some macarons!

Rose Macaron

Vegan French Rose Macaron from Sweet Maresa

3. Vegan Doughnuts from Award-Winning Famous Amazing Vegan Food Truck The Cinnamon Snail

shop local bushwick brooklyn vegan

Vegan Shopup in Bushwick, Brooklyn featuring 25+ local vegan vendors

Another thing to serve our sweet teeth was the Cinnamon Snail Food Truck’s vegan doughnuts! Yep, vegan doughnuts. Brooklyn seems to be vegan doughnut heaven between the Cinnamon Snail, Dunwell, and even more bakeries that I’ll have to try! We grabbed 3 varieties to get us through the week (although they really only lasted 3 days)! We tried the maple bacon doughnut, the tiramisu doughnut, and the raspberry cheesecake doughnut. The raspberry cheesecake doughnut was awesome because not only was it a doughnut, it was filled with a vegan cheesecake cream. Amazing. Now I really want to try a savory sandwich or dish that they offer! Stay tuned.

vegan doughnuts

Vegan Doughnut Haul from The Cinnamon Snail!

4. All Vegan New York Yeah Dawg Hot Dog Stand

vegan hot dog stand NYC

Handmade Hot Dog from Yeah Dawgs Vegan Hot Dog Stand

But you can only get so far on just sweet treats! One of my new all time favorite vegan stops and vegan “street” food vendors is Yeah Dawgs, a vegan hotdog stand!  They make their own vegan hotdogs from scratch, so we aren’t talking the rubbery, fake tasting varieties, nope these guys are awesome. Get yours loaded so that you can get their pickles and other amazing add ins! But these Dawgs are awesome.

5. Vegan Handbags and Wallets

One thing I find frustrating is the lack of high quality non-leather handbags and wallets, but Vegan Shopup had some amazing vegan handbags and wallets and I was super tempted to purchase one of these beauties. Frustration begone!

6. 25+ All Vegan Vendors

It’s pretty amazing to have one or two vegan options at a shop or restaurant, but this lil shopup had more than 25 separate vegan vendors! I wanted to buy everything but (annoyingly) restrained myself! Other than these guys we tried this go round, our old friends at Monk’s Meats were there, tons of other amazing vendors, as well as artwork that supports animals, clothing, and plenty of more vegan awesome desserts (vegan toffee).

7. Free Opportunity to Meet Other Wonderful Vegans

Yep, I may have not mentioned this one earlier, but this shopup is totally free to check out (if you can resist the urge!) and meet up with other NYC vegans. Its an amazing thing to see so many vegans and non-vegans come together and support vegan companies and small, local businesses. Sometimes it feels good waiting in line, especially for a chance at vegan goods.

I can’t wait for the next one! There’s a lot more vendors that I need to try out!

Keep up with @veganshopup on Twitter to see when and where Vegan Shopup will be in the coming weeks! Hopefully I’ll see you there!

Happy Snobbing,


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