vegan fourth of july

7 Vegan 4th of July Recipe Ideas!

These summer events can sometimes seem tricky as a vegan or vegetarian, however I’ve compiled some of my favorite recipes for you to make this holiday, and some for you to share with friends! A vegan fourth of july doesn’t have to be troublesome! Hey if you don’t feel like cooking, just go out and grab a few veggie dogs and vegan buns! Here’s some recipes you could try! 1. Grilled Corn Without a Grill

grilled corn

lovely skillet grilled summer corn

2. Summer Refreshing Kale Chopped Salad 

chopped kale and herb salad

Refreshing Chopped Kale Salad!

3. Vegan All American Macaroni Salad

macaroni salad

Vegan creamy macaroni salad!

4. Check out this Southwestern Style Bean Burger!

veggie burger

Vegan Southwest Style Bean Burger

5. Get your “meat” fix with this BBQ Tofu Recipe!  rp_baked-barbecue-tofu-slab-300x300.jpg   6. Rosemary Sweet Potato Fries rp_baked-rosemary-sweet-potato-fries-with-vegan-bacon-224x300.jpg 7. Delicious Apple Tart rp_veganappletart-300x300.jpg I hope that a few of these recipes can help you out this 4th of July! Happy Snobbing and Happy 4th of July, Alex Like these recipes? Sign Up To Get A Mini Vegan Cookbook Plus Recipes to Your Inbox!

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