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Jeff and I on our vegan road trip from CO to DC!

My story

I always loved cooking and writing and always recognized that a community is not only more fun to engage in, but is essential to promote change. So, I decided that I would try to connect with the vegan community in order to help inspire living a cruelty-free lifestyle. I became a vegan 6 years ago after it was brought to my attention that eating dairy and supporting the dairy industry was not only hurting the environment, but it was inflicting harm on innocent animals (and my health!). So, I felt that being a vegetarian simply wasn’t enough, I made the switch. It took a few trials and errors, but now I am so happy that my life is run on 100% veganism. It seems difficult, I get that, but its really not, its actually super fun learning how to experiment in the kitchen. Even better, I no longer crave any of that dairy and  feel great about myself and what I’m doing for the world. With baby steps, everyone can become a vegan, it isn’t about giving anything up, its about gaining an appreciation for life, our world, and yourself. Make the switch! Become a VegetarianSnob, I’ll be here every step of the way hopefully inspiring you along your way!

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Why Vegetarian Snob? Why not vegan snob?

Well that’s a great question! I picked vegetarian over vegan primarily because a true vegetarian is actually vegan! That’s the definition! A true vegetarian doesn’t consume animal products which is the same as a vegan! I also thought that maybe I could help promote veganism to vegetarians looking to make a change in their lives because after all all vegan recipes are vegetarian!

Our sous chef Toulouse

My adopted crazy snowshoe cat Toulouse, who also guest stars on a lot of my posts and instagrams!

When he's not sleeping, our sous chef Pickles!

This is Pickles, my adopted retired racer greyhound! Sometimes he makes his way into posts!


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