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My Gentle Barn by Ellie Laks is a necessary read!

My Gentle Barn by Ellie Laks is an amazing book that everyone should read. Its both heartbreaking, inspiring, rewarding, and filled with hope for both animals and humans. Ellie Laks is the founder of the Gentle Barn, an animal sanctuary that rescues and helps abused and neglected farm animals. Not only is she providing a safe haven to animals who truly need help, she also has a program at the sanctuary which helps at-risk, inner-city, and special-needs children. Ellie Laks works with these children to teach compassion for animals via healing.

The story is deeply personal and shares stories from Ellie’s struggles, to the harsh reality of rescuing abused animals. However, this story, although heart-breaking at times, is also awe-inspiring and gives hope and shows the amazing heroes out there who are doing necessary, difficult work for both animals and people. We need more people like Ellie Laks in our world!

Please go and read this book, it will inspire you to take part. Ellie Laks is a hero in our world and she’s courageous. Support her, read about her tales of bravery! Buy it here!

Interested in becoming involved with the Gentle Barn? Check out how to get involved here! 

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