Vegan Chop't Salad

The Chop’t Cairo Salad featuring Soom Foods tehina

Chop’t is a great “fast food” restaurant that specializes in healthy fresh ingredients. They are a great quick choice for vegans because they have plenty of vegan options and their servings are huge! This isn’t your average boring salad either, they have really creative ingredients and everything tastes great! They currently have locations in DC and NYC.

chop't in dc

Chop’t at Union Station in DC

Don’t miss your chance to try Chop’t’s newest all vegan salad, the Cairo! It features falafel, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, pita chips, and a spicy creamy tahini harissa dressing that features our friends at Soom Foods tehina (tahini)!

vegan tehina soom foods

Soom Foods at Chop’t

We couldn’t be happier for Soom Foods, their tahini is our favorite! They’re a great company run by sisters who are supporters of the vegan community! (Interested in learning more about Soom Foods? Check out our review here!) The Cairo is a limited time salad, so make sure you get in for yours quickly! Here’s the details!

cairo vegan salad Chopt

The Cairo Details!


If spicy isn’t your flavor profile, don’t worry, they have plenty of other amazing completely vegan options to try! They’re really great about labeling (see the big green VEGAN stamp above?) what’s what on the menu so it won’t leave you guessing! Chop’t is also a great company who spends a lot of time working with charities in order to promote healiter “fast food” options as well as impacting future generations about making healthy food choices, check out what they’re working on here! Hopefully more restaurants like Chop’t will take initiative to promote healthier lifestyles even when on the go! Let us know what you have and if you like it!

Chop't Cairo Vegan Salad

Chop’t Cairo Vegan Salad

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Disclaimer: I am not  affiliated with Soom Foods or Chop’t,  I am just an exploring vegan excited to share all my vegan-y discoveries with whomever may want to read! 

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