Love and Lemons Cookbook Review + Recipe: Vegan Cashew and Caper Dill Spread

The Love and Lemons Cookbook Review

I’ve been a fan of the Love and Lemons blog for a long time now, and when I was asked to review the new, official cookbook for the blog, I was super excited! The recipes featured on the Love and Lemons site are always a hit for me and are always simple to make. Their blog was even voted the Best Cooking Blog by Saveur. The Love and Lemons Cookbook is filled with beautiful photographs and amazing recipes.

the love and lemons cookbook reviewWhat’s even better for us veg-heads, is that it’s organized by vegetable, so if you accidently buy too many zucchinis and don’t know what to make, then you can just flip open this book! Every recipe I’ve tried from the cookbook has been great! There’s also a ton of tips for easier cooking or alternatives if you don’t eat gluten, etc.


The vegan cashew and caper dill spread with pickled onions is a perfect appetizer or lunch option! The dill paired with the capers and the creaminess of the cashews make for a decadent, but light (if you can believe there’s such a thing!) spread. Now, until this cookbook, I’ve never tried a pickled onion, but trusting the recipe and the suggestion to serve the spread with these pickled onions, I gave it a shot. The recipe is super, super simple and I had all the 3 ingredients on hand ;), so I went for it and oh em gee am I glad I did! The pickled red onions are sweet and tangy and add such a great flavor to everything I’ve had them with!

Plus, even as someone who isn’t crazy about dill, I still LOVED this dill and caper spread. AND, it’s a perfect summer dish because you don’t even have to cook anything! Yeehaw!


love and lemons cookbook review


The Love and Lemons Cookbook is a must have for any vegan or vegetarian kitchen (or omnivore’s kitchen for that matter!). Any vegetarian recipe in the cookbook has great tips for veganizing it, so don’t let that scare you off ;). I’ve made the pickled onions, the cashew dill and caper spread, as well as lemon, rosemary potatoes, and am planning on cooking up some of those amazing looking waffles in the cookbook as soon as I get a new waffle iron :D.

Cashew & Caper Dill Spread
Recipe type: appetizer, side, lunch
Serves: 1½ Cups
  • 1 Cup raw unsalted cashews, soaked 3 to 4 hours, preferably overnight
  • ½ Cup fresh water
  • Juice of ½ small lemon
  • ½ teaspoon lemon zest
  • 1 garlic clove, peeled
  • 2 Tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
  • 2 teaspoons capers
  • ½ cup fresh dill, coarsely chopped, reserve a few for garnish
  • Baguette or crackers, for serving
  • Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • Pickled onions (recipe in the cookbook!)
  1. Drain and rinse the cashews and place them in a high-speed blender. Add the water, lemon juice, lemon zest, garlic, and olive oil. Puree until smooth. Add the capers and the dill. Season with salt and pepper and blend until well combined. Taste and adjust the seasonings. Chill until ready to serve.
  2. Slather onto warm baguette slices and garnish with fresh dill and quick pickled onions, if desired.
Reprinted from The Love & Lemons Cookbook by arrangement with Avery Books, a member of Penguin Group (USA) LLC, A Penguin Random House Company. Copyright © 2016, Jeanine Donofrio. Photographs copyright © 2016 by Jeanine Donofrio and Jack Mathews


love and lemons cookbook review sample recipe


Full circle: Go get a copy of this cookbook now. It will change the way you think about veggies, and will save you a ton of time with the lovely, fresh simplicity it offers!

Question of the day: What’s your favorite vegetable?

Happy Cookbook Shopping,

P.S. Go buy this cookbook right now! This cookbook just came out and is perfect for getting your daily serving of veggies, you vegheads!

Full Disclosure: I received a copy of The Love and Lemons Cookbook for review. The opinions and thoughts expressed are my own and I did not feel obliged to write this post. Please note that if you choose to buy a copy of The Love and Lemons Cookbook using one of the links above, I receive a small percentage of the sale from Amazon, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your continued support!




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