The 22 Day Revolution by Marco Borges Review: If Beyonce did it, you should too 😉

The 22 Day Revolution by Marco Borges

For all of you on Snapchat (add me: vegetariansnob) and are snapping away, you may have noticed DJ Khaled’s recent “Vegan Alert” snaps! If you haven’t go follow along. DJ Khaled is now participating in Marco Borges’s 22 Day Vegan Challenge where DJ Khaled is going vegan and incorporating more healthy habits into his lifestyle to be healthier. But, DJ Khaled isn’t the only one who’s benefited from Marco Borges’s awesome plan; Queen B herself has worked with Marco Borges and even wrote the foreword for his book, The 22 Day Revolution. So, if Beyonce and DJ Khaled both agree that Marco Borges knows his shit, then you should too, plus buying his book is a lot cheaper than hiring him privately ;).

So, one misconception that exists out there in the world is that by becoming vegan, you’ll miraculously be healthy, lose a ton of weight, and have that dream body you’ve always wanted. I’m sorry to say, but that’s not the case! Veganism on its own cannot guarantee healthy. I mean Oreos and potato chips and soda are vegan, would that be a healthy diet? No! So, one thing that’s difficult with veganism is that we’ve been told by a lot of people out there that by simply going vegan we’re going to be fit and healthy. The only problem with that theory is that it isn’t just veganism that will make you fit or healthy, it’s also all about what you eat as a vegan and how you take care of your body and workout, etc. If you’ve struggled with being healthy and making healthy choices in the past, a simple switch to veganism (unfortunately) won’t solve all those issues. It sucks, I know. Some people may make the switch and those things might happen, but for others the switch won’t be as dramatic (you might even gain a little weight!).

So, what I like about Marco Borge’s The 22-Day Revolution, is that it’s about making small shifts and trying out a plant-based diet for 22 days to reset your habits and to become healthier. It is even great for current vegans because it’s a great reminder of how to be a healthy, balanced vegan, and sometimes that’s what we need!

What I like about the book is that it’s a great resource with tons of information about being healthy and vegan and there’s a very clever little meal plan for all 22 days in the back of the book! So, if you want to give this whole vegan thing a whirl, but haven’t committed yet, here’s your opportunity. Try out his method for 22 quick days and see how it goes. I bet you’ll feel pretty great!

marco borges 22 day vegan challenge

I actually lost some weight using Marco Borges’s recipes, so if you’re contemplating a vegan lifestyle or are vegan-curious or are a vegan looking to shed a little excess weight, Marco Borges is your man!

Definitely don’t wait, go get this book ASAP and start your 22 day challenge. Let me and Marco Borges know how it’s going along the way too! 😀

Question of the day: How long have you been vegan for or if you’re not, are you interested?

Happy Vegan Alert,

P.S. Get a copy of the book here! 

Full disclosure: I received a copy of The 22-Day Revolution by Marco Borges for free, but did not write a positive review in exchange. Also, if you purchase a copy of the book through my site, I receive a small percentage from Amazon. Thank you for your support!

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