Thanksgiving was traditionally a holiday where vegans and vegetarians missed out. The traditional Thanksgiving fare is not all that vegan or vegetarian friendly to say the least. But, things are changing, and now there’s many different vegan turkey alternatives to choose from! For those of you who are doing some last minute planning, you can totally make a full vegan feast easily by tomorrow (hey there’s no turkey to thaw!) so you can easily go out tonight, get the ingredients, and cook a proper vegan or vegetarian Thanksgiving meal! Don’t miss out this year! A vegan or vegetarian Thanksgiving is totally doable and you won’t even miss all those dairy or meat laden dishes after these! This list (although not even comprehensive) features my top 10 vegan Thanksgiving recipes.

If you want even more Thanksgiving recipes, and tips for being a vegan guest or host this holiday, or how to handle those ultra sticky scenarios and dinner conversations, download my 18 Thanksgiving Inspired Recipes Plus Thanksgiving Guide for Vegans and Vegetarians!


Now without further adieu, here are my Top 10 Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes

10. Individual Mock Chick’n Pot Pies as an entree

vegan pot pie thanksgiving entree

Vegan pot pie

It’s a perfect alternative for a vegan Thanksgiving main dish. Plus this is super simple to make and it is designed for individual sizes, so it’s easier to manage than another gigantic serving of something hogging precious oven space.

9. Healthy Made From Scratch Green Bean Casserole with Baked Onion Strings

vegan green bean casserole

vegan green bean casserole from scratch

My vegan green bean casserole from scratch doesn’t use any canned soups, or crunchy onions from tins, instead it’s fresh ingredients. PLUS this recipe, for the gravy portion, doubles as a vegan mushroom gravy for your festivities! But keep in mind with fresh green beans compared to their canned counterparts, the green beans might be a little more al dente than you’re used to, so if you like your green beans like their canned counter types, just boil them a little bit longer.

8. Healthy Savory Sweet Potato Casserole

healthy sweet potato casserole

healthy sweet potato casserole for Thanksgiving or holiday gatherings!

This recipe features pecan and rosemary encrusted sweet potato slices. To save time, I boiled the sweet potatoes/yams to start and then finished them off by baking them, but you could totally bypass this step and just bake it all together. I’ve also added a hint of sweet to the dish using pure maple syrup to help coat the sweet potatoes in your pecans and rosemary, but if you want a purely savory option, just omit this step.

7. Fresh Made From Scratch Cranberry Orange Sage Sauce

homemade cranberry sauce

homemade cranberry sauce with orange and sage cooking

Until I made this recipe, I hated cranberry sauce. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about this homemade version, I’m talking about that creepy, jiggly, canned variety, where you can see the ribs of the can in this strange mold of “cranberries”. I went to the farmer’s market and picked up a pound of cranberries and made this cranberry sauce from scratch and guess what…its super simple, super easy to make! I decided to mix things up a bit and added orange and sage to it, to give the sweet dish a hint of savory.

6. Fluffy, Delicate Dinner Rolls

vegan dinner rolls recipe

homemade vegan dinner rolls fresh from the oven

Although these are yeast based rolls, which require just a little bit of kneading and rising, don’t fear, they’re super easy to make! These are best made a little bit in advance so that you can allow yourself enough time to let the yeast activate, and let the dough rise properly. This particular recipe makes a HUGE batch (like I’m talking 25-40 mini rolls!), so these are perfect for your Thanksgiving leftovers, but don’t feel obligated to make the entire batch just keep the ratios in mind and do a half batch (but they’ll be a hit)! Dinner roll Tofurky sandwiches, anyone?

5. Gluten-Free Healthy Alternative Stuffing Featuring Quinoa

vegan gluten free stuffing

This is a perfect swap for a healthier gluten free vegan alternative for Thanksgiving

It’s my take on the traditional bread stuffing (or dressing as some of you weirdos call it… :p) without all the bread, butter, and heaviness that dominates Thanksgiving fare. This vegan gluten free stuffing uses quinoa instead of bread and not only is it a protein packed, filling side, it’s also a great option for a main dish!

4. Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Garlic Aioli

brussels sprouts

roasted brussels sprouts

These brussels sprouts are super tender and tied with the cashews and tempeh bacon, they’re sure to be a huge hit at any Thanksgiving dinner (they’re even non-vegan approved!).

3. Comforting Coconut Butternut Squash Soup

vegan fall soup with butternut squash

vegan fall comforting soup with butternut squash

I’ve created a comforting, creamy, coconut butternut squash soup packed with fall flavors and color!

2. Banana Chocolate Silk Pie

vegan chocolate silk pie

Beautiful vegan chocolate silken banana cream pie

This pie is a great staple to have in the kitchen, it’s definitely a recipe every vegan and non-vegan needs up his/her sleeve. The crust is made up of vegan cookies and espresso, while the filling is a mix of bananas, dark chocolate, and the secret ingredient, silken tofu, Oh My!

1. Bourbon Corn Syrup Free Pecan Pie

vegan pecan pie recipe

vegan bourbon pecan pie with soy whip on top for the perfect vegan Thanksgiving dessert!

I am definitely a pecan pie girl, I do love pumpkin pie as well, but pecan is my favorite. This pecan pie is a little different because it has bourbon in it and it’s corn syrup free! But never fear this recipe is super simple and delicious! 

I hope this post helps with any last minute vegan or vegetarian Thanksgiving preparations!

Happy Thanksgiving,


top 10 vegan thanksgiving recipes

top 10 vegan thanksgiving recipes

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