Veestro red curry with tofu

One question I get all the time from people who are interested in a vegan lifestyle is how do find the time to cook these elaborate meals all the time?

I usually explain that really, us vegans, don’t cook elaborate crazy meals, and that the average time we spend cooking is likely the same of that of a non-vegan or vegetarian (or less!). BUT if you’re a busy working vegan and don’t have time to cook or want a more convenient option for your meal needs, dun dun dun da, let me introduce you to, Veestro, a new vegan food delivery service! Veestro works like other frozen food outlets, but instead of dishes that are filled with preservatives, processed, and unhealthy ingredients, Veestro, offers healthy, low sodium, low calorie, highly nutritious meals delivered to your doorstep! All you have to do is heat and eat! As you can see from all my photos, these make for a great, quick option for a healthy meal in the office!

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Veestro easy to make frozen entrees

They have all meals and even snacks covered from fresh juice that comes frozen for breakfast, to full plates of curried veggies! There’s a huge variety of options for you to choose from. But again these dishes aren’t your average sodium packed, preservative filled frozen entrees, these are whole plant-based options. Plus, these taste delicious! No more fake foods! I’m talking vegan tamales, samosas, curries, eggplant casseroles, quinoa salads, etc!


Veestro 3 layer tofu scramble

Veestro boasts meals that are:


-100% plant based

-Preservative free

-Dairy free and vegan

-No cholesterol

-Dishes that are high in fiber!


Veestro green juice

Jeff and I tried out the starter pack which comes with 12 vegan entrees/dishes to test out for $99! Overall, Veestro is flavorful and super healthy, and for a few of the dishes that were a bit on the bland side, a little salt did the trick! Another thing that makes Veestro great is their very low sodium content! Usually these frozen, quick fix entrees come filled with salt, but not these guys! These have hardly any sodium at all (which made a few of the options a little bland, but hey there’s no sodium so its up to your personal taste buds)! This is how Veestro works: you get a huge package of frozen entrees, etc delivered to your home, you follow the instructions and either microwave, bake, or grill, and viola, a healthy vegan entree!


Veestro in the package ft. their vegan croquettes and sweet potato hash!

Some of our favorites were the veggie burger, red curry with tofu and veggies, enchilada casserole, green juice, and the three layer scramble, just to name a few!


Veestro veggie burger is one of the best frozen veggie burgers I’ve had!

Something to keep in mind about these options is that each dish is usually around 200 calories, so you might want to pack a few little snacks if you’re relying on these for you full meals. If not, they’re a great option if you’re looking for a light meal or to shed a few pounds!


Veestro soup!

They don’t miss a trick, and even include dipping sauce to go with your favorite snacks, like this empanada and sauce!


Veestro vegan empanadas

So, if you’re a busy vegan on the run and don’t want to spend much time in the kitchen, or want to opt for a healthy lunch snack in lieu of going out to eat, I highly suggest you try Veestro!

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Full Disclosure: Although I received a free sample for review, I am not  affiliated with Veestro and I did not feel obligated to write a positive review in exchange. I am just an exploring vegan excited to share all my vegan-y discoveries with whomever may want to read! Read more about my philosophy on product reviews here. 

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