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Vegan Brooklyn Part 1: My first vegan adventures in Brooklyn, NYC

So as many of you know, maybe this is news for some of you, we’re moving to Brooklyn next month! Its scary, exciting, and overwhelming, but all in the good ways. So a couple of weekends ago we took a trip to scope out some neighborhoods in Brooklyn, but of course, we also scoped out some amazing vegan places too. New York City is so vegan friendly that it makes me wonder why everything isn’t vegan everywhere. If New York can do it, why can’t everywhere else? But I’m so excited to move to a place where there’s such a great vegan community, I can’t wait. If any of you live in Brooklyn or New York, let me know and we’ll meet up! Here’s a breakdown of my busy busy weekend.

1. First Stop: Brooklyn Smorgasburg

smorgasburg vegan

Smorgasburg at the Pier featuring delicious vegan (and non vegan) food!

This awesome foodie market is a must go if you’re in New York on a weekend. Its out on the Brooklyn Piers (and its in Williamsburg too some days, be sure to check the site to see when/where!) and there’s an amazing view of the skyline and tons of vegan food vendors. Jeff and I split a bunch of options to get a good sampling.

manhattan skyline

The lovely Manhattan Skyline from the Smorgasburg

vegan food

Smorgasburg stands and vegan goodies!

smorgasburg brooklyn

Brooklyn Foodie Smorgasburg

I was so excited when I saw the Regal Vegan’s booth. I am obsessed with Regal Vegan’s Faux Gras, so I had to try out some of the Basilicotta (which I don’t think you can get in DC, correct me if I’m wrong!) and a sandwich.  The sandwich featured amazing braised kale, sundried tomatoes, of course a heaping mound of basilicotta and an au jus sauce. drizzled on top.

regal vegan

Regal Vegan Sandwich!

Our next stop within the Smorgasburg was to Monk’s Meats, which was also incredible! We opted to split the chimichurri seitan sandwhich with baby argula housemade cashew spread and seared chimichurri seitan, all on our favorite, a french baguette.

chimichurri sandwhich

Monk’s Meats awesome seitan sandwich!

Then, our final stop in Smorgasburg was for Alchemy Creamery, a vegan icecream hotspot (coolspot?), something that was perfect for a hot day at the pier. We opted for an ice cream sandwich featuring chocolate hazelnut vegan ice cream! It was even gluten-free!

vegan ice cream sandwich

Alchemy Creamery an all vegan ice cream stand, the hazelnut cookie ice cream sandwich

2. After a long day in the sun and neighborhooding, we decided on Champs Family Bakery, an all vegan diner (yep). It boasts a huge menu, including all day vegan breakfast, so needless to say, it was difficult trying to decide on something. But, as I’m beginning to realize (as I’m sifting through photos from this trip), I’m a sucker for seitan and vegan comfort food. So, I selected the monster chicken fried seitan sandwich on texas toast. It was a monster sandwich and I think next time I’d opt for lighter fare because I was stuffed! When in Brooklyn I guess! Jeff got the “Drunken Cowgirl,” a tofu scramble dish on texas toast topped with award winning chili and avocado.  This is one of those great late night stops, plus they have a huge menu, I’m excited to try some more of their offerings!

Vegan diner Champs Family Bakery

Drunken Cowgirl Option at Champs Family Bakery and DIner

seitan sandwhich

Chicken Fried Seitan Sandwich on Texas toast at Champs Family Bakery and Diner in Brooklyn

3.  We headed out early the next day and made a pitstop in Dunwell Doughnuts for some awesome vegan breakfast/dessert fare! If you don’t know, Dunwell Doughnuts is an award-winning all vegan doughnut shop in Brooklyn. We split 3 doughnuts and had an original glazed, french toast doughnut, and the toasted coconut. The toasted coconut was my favorite, and nothing about it seemed vegan! It was great.

vegan doughnuts

Dunwell Doughnuts featuring vegan toasted coconut and original glazed

vegan donut at dunwell doughnuts

Vegan french toast doughnut at Dunwell Doughnuts

4. That night we had reservations at Blossom on Carmine. I know I know, this is a Brooklyn post, not a Manhattan post, but I just wanted to say that it might be my new favorite restaurant and is well worth the trek to eat there one night! Check out my full review here! 

vegan blue cheese croquettes

buffalo risotto croquettes featuring a vegan blue cheese sauce at Blossom on Carmine

5. The next day we stopped in at Waffle and Wolf for a juice break. We also had a vegan waffle sandwich with hummus, olives, and arugula! It was great. I never thought of making savory waffles, but now I realize I have to start!

vegan waffle sandwhich

Vegan waffle savory sandwich at Waffle and Wolf

6. Our last and final stop in Brooklyn before catching the bus back to DC was at MOB Brooklyn. Its one of those amazing places that doesn’t use any store bought fake cheeses or meats, everything is handmade. I really love it when a restaurant makes its own “meats” and “cheeses” because it makes the food so much better and shows a real care for vegans! I had the MOB Original Burger and Jeff had the California Burger. Both were phenomenal. I opted to add “bacon” and cashew cheese to mine and it was an excellent choice!

brooklyn MOB burger cashew cheese bacon

MOB Burger featuring housemade cashew cheese and carrot smoked bacon in Brooklyn

vegan burger MOB Brooklyn

MOB Brooklyn California Vegan Burger

I highly suggest you take a trip to explore all Brooklyn has to offer. I haven’t even made a dent in all the vegan options! Where are your favorite spots in Brooklyn? Manhattan? I’m always looking for suggestions from you all! Keep ’em coming!

Happy Snobbing,


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