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Some of you may know, if you’ve been following us closely, that I went on an archaeological dig this summer for 2 months in Kenya. It was incredible and embodies all these things that I cannot put properly into words (yes I know I’m a poetry major…), but one of the recurring conversations we had nightly was food. The food was incredible while on the field, I am so thankful for such an amazing cook staff, however, after awhile anything in a can for 2 months straight loses its appeal. We camped for the duration of our stay in one of the most isolated areas in the world, in the Lake Turkana region, which also happens to be in a desert, so fresh food isn’t exactly easy to come by (especially considering we were a 2 days drive to the nearest city!). So, when I stepped off the plane, after hours and hours of flying, I was excited to have a nice, a very nice first meal.

So, I reached out and asked all of you wonderful beautiful veggie followers on Twitter, where to go, and so many of you suggested Candle 79, a beautiful vegan restaurant located just a few blocks away from the MET, one of my favorite art museums in the world!

Vegan New York City

Candle 79 a gourmet vegan restaurant in New York City


Its one of those perfect vegan restaurants that doesn’t play into the stereotypical vegan atmosphere and at first glance I wasn’t even sure that it was vegan! The beautiful interior matches the food quality, it’s all done wonderfully. They even have an all vegan beer and wine list. I had a nice glass of vegan wine (something I also missed while in Kenya) and I was lucky enough to be in NYC during one of their brunch days, so I had vegan brunch. I had the savory crepe and it had a hollandaise-esque sauce on top and it was delicious, it was also huge!

vegan crepe

Vegan Brunch Vegan Savory Crepe


They have plenty of other options if you aren’t in the mood for brunch or crepes, their waffles looked great! Be sure to check them out when you’re in New York, but try to make reservations beforehand because this place is nice and popular.

Treat yo’ self (sorry I had to) to a nice date with yourself, like I did in New York, we all need those self-pampering dates.



New York City

Here’s the details!

Candle 79

154 East 79th Street at Lexington Avenue

New York, NY 10075

Happy Snobbing,


Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated with Candle 79, I am just an exploring vegan excited to share all my vegan-y discoveries with whomever may want to read! 

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Do you like Candle 79? What’s your favorite NYC vegan hotspot? Leave a comment below! Share your vegan experiences let us know where to go next!

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