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A look into the kitchen at Blossom on Carmine, an upscale vegan restaurant in the West Village

So, Blossom on Carmine might be my new favorite restaurant. Really. Its one of those places that makes you second guess that everything is vegan because its all done perfectly. You know you’re in a good spot when they offer various types of seitan dishes where the seitan takes on different forms. There’s no store bought fake cheeses or meat substitutes here folks, just pure lovely handmade food. The restaurant is in the West Village area and has a wonderful chic interior, not one of those (no offense) stereotypical vegan spots that feature some dish paired with chakras and any word like everlasting in the title of dishes. The ambiance is relaxed and their vegan wine and cocktail list is great. Jeff and I started with vegan wines from The Vegan Vine, both of which were lovely! But this is a great spot to either have a few small plates with a few drinks with friends, or sit down for a full meal, which we did, naturally.

vegan restaurant Manhattan

Blossom on Carmine in New York City featuring vegan and organic fare!

We started with the buffalo risotto croquettes which featured a vegan blue cheese sauce, yes VEGAN BLUE CHEESE sauce. I thought I was eating blue cheese again and leaned in to Jeff and asked “wait this place is 100% vegan, right?” The risotto was perfect, no chalkiness (a pet peeve of mine) and they were crispy on the outside.

vegan blue cheese croquettes

buffalo risotto croquettes featuring a vegan blue cheese sauce at Blossom on Carmine

For our entrees we split both the picatta and the au poivre, both of which are seitan dishes. Yes I’m a sucker for seitan, and also judge a restaurant by what it does with its seitan. Blossom on Carmine passed, needless to say.

The picatta featured a lemon, white wine, caper sauce which was light and a little tart, perfect for summer with a glass of white wine. The seitan was so tender, and none of that seitan flavor remained, just the flavor of the sauce.   But better yet, the seitan was paired with a truffled mashed potato and sautéed spinach.

vegan picatta white wine sauce and capers

The vegan seitan picatta featuring a wine caper sauce with truffled mashed potatoes!

The seitan steak featured a peppercorn gravy and this seitan was completely different than the picatta seitan, amazing! This dish felt like a heavy real steak, while the other dish resembled more of a light chicken dish. Alongside the steak was grill asparagus, which was delicious and not stringy at all (another pet peeve of mine) and garlic fresh, handmade, french fries.

vegan au poivre seitan steak

Au Poivre at Blossom on Carmine featuring a peppercorn sauce and fresh handmade fries!

Since everything else was so amazing, I opted for dessert, something that I am usually disappointed by, to be honest, but not today! We ordered the New York cheesecake naturally, and I would’ve never guessed it was vegan. It didn’t have that one taste that all vegan cream cheeses tend to have (you know that plastic-y taste? maybe I’m crazy), but it was smooth and delicate.

Vegan Cheesecake New York City Vegan Restaurant Review

Vegan New York Style Cheesecake at Blossom on Carmine in New York City

Everything about my night at Blossom on Carmine was delightful, the service was wonderful, the dishes were delicious, and now I can’t wait to try the other Blossom locations! This is a perfect spot to sip on some vegan cocktails and people watch! Be sure to check their menu often as it changes with the seasons! So go out there and make your reservation today, you won’t be disappointed, the chefs here are super talented and super creative! They even have a tofu salmon dish! To make a reservation click here! To see more information, like what they’re featuring visit their site here! 


outdoor seating vegan restaurant in new york city

The restaurant opens up to the cute surrounding area of the West Village in New York City, making a great place to sip some vegan wine and people watch!


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Full Disclosure: Although my meal was complimentary, I am not  affiliated with the restaurant, nor did I feel obligated to write a review or positive review in exchange. I am just an exploring vegan excited to share all my vegan-y discoveries with whomever may want to read! 

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