Vegetarian to Vegan By Sarah Taylor and recipes by Mark Reinfeld!

Vegetarian to Vegan By Sarah Taylor and recipes by Mark Reinfeld!

I was lucky enough to get a copy of Sarah Taylor and Mark Reinfeld’s Vegetarian to Vegan and its an incredible resource for both aspiring vegans and 100% vegans alike! Vegetarian to Vegan is unique because it focuses primarily on the dairy and egg industry. I am glad that I have been educated on the horrors of factory farming and the dairy industry, and I hope that someday everyone becomes educated on the horrors of it too, not only for the sake and welfare of animals, but also for the environment, and ourselves.

I was a vegetarian for about 2 years before switching to veganism, and honestly, the only reason I wasn’t a vegan from the start, was due to the fact that I honestly didn’t think animals in the dairy industry were in harms way. Boy was I wrong. 100% wrong. I was completely uneducated. The sad truth is that the dairy industry causes just as much harm to our animal friends, its terrifying. It’s just as bad as slaughtering innocent animals. After I learned about the horrors of the dairy industry, I joined the movement to change my life and created a cruelty-free lifestyle for myself.

Vegetarian to Vegan is one of those books that all vegans and non-vegans alike need on their shelves. For vegans, it can be that resource to remind you of the good you’re doing in the world, and the lives you’re saving (including your own!) plus maybe some things you didn’t know. For non-vegans, it will be your resource to educate yourself because we all need to be aware of the practices of the dairy industry.

Not only does the book share all the reasons why you should go vegan (trust me there’s plenty!), it is an amazing book because it explains how to go vegan and even gives you recipes from world famous vegan award winning chef, Mark Reinfeld, so that you can make the switch. Vegetarian to Vegan will not only educate you, but it will inspire you to make the switch (or maintain the switch) to a cruelty-free lifestyle.

Go buy this book here. Get it now. Change your life or remind yourself why you did.

I was also lucky enough to interview both of these amazing vegan heroes! Check out my interview with Sarah here! And be sure to check out all of Mark’s awesome food tips for you snobs here!

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Have you read Vegetarian to Vegan? What did you think? Why did you go vegan? What are you struggling with?

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