Episode #001 VegetarianSnob Podcast: How to be the Only Vegan in Your Family

Vegetarian Snob Podcast no 001-01

How to be the Only Vegan in Your Family and Not Piss Them Off in the Meantime. Today’s question comes from Meghan who asks:

I’m starting to go vegan (starting it for lent but I think I want to stick with it!) The problem is that my family is the opposite of vegan and they don’t think I’ll be able to have a healthy diet. What are some tips? Dinner is the hardest because my mom cooks for us so I don’t get much say! How do I make the switch successfully and deal with my family giving me a hard time?

Tune in to see how I help Meghan with the balance of a happy family and a happy transition into a new vegan diet. Plus, I share some exciting advancements in the vegan world.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • DJ Khaled and his 22 Day Vegan Challenge with Marco Borges
  • A Few of My Favorite Vegan Cookbooks
  • Being the Spokesperson for Veganism
  • How you can show others the benefits of veganism without being annoying or rude
  • The Data Defense
  • How you can defend your choice if backed into a corner
  • Prepared and Polite
  • How you can take your veganism into your own hands and influence others along the way without being preachy

Resources and Links Mentioned in this Week’s Podcast

  • VegetarianSnob on Snapchat: @vegetariansnobsnapchat
  • The 22 Day Revolution by Marco Borges Review on the Site


  • The Love and Lemons Cookbook Review + Recipe + Video is now up on the site!


Question of the day:
How many of you are in a situation where you don’t have complete control of your meals on a regular basis?

Submit your questions in the comments below or email me at info@vegetariansnob.com!



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