Why I call myself a snob: What’s in a name, changing my mind, and taking the seriousness away from a serious issue

why i call myself a snob

Thank you to everyone who has filled out my introductory VegetarianSnob survey and to everyone who has been asking questions! I LOVE answering your questions, so as always keep asking! I think classic Q&A is the best way to get your actual questions answered with actual tactics from me. Keep in mind I am only 1 person with 1 perspective, but what I’m doing is working for me and in terms of veganism has worked for over 7 years now! Yahoo! In answering your questions from my perspective I hope that you can take and adapt some of the techniques I use into creating a system that works for you! So, this is a question I’ve been receiving recently, which hasn’t come up much in the past. Today’s question is:

Why do you call yourself snob?

Today’s question got me thinking all about intentions and how plans change, all the time, especially if you’re me. So, let’s get onto it! Reason #1 for the “snob” in VegetarianSnob is….

1. My initial plans…changed

Originally back 3 years ago when the idea for VegetarianSnob entered into my head my intention for the site was to make being vegan or vegetarian a more satisfying experience. Things have changed now, but back when I was a lone vegan 7 years ago and even 3 years ago, things were different. What I was used to were vegan restaurants that boasted wheat grass shots as an appetizer and curries galore (I love curry btw, this isn’t curry bashing time!), with veggie burgers and kelp salads galore, but what I was looking for was vegan food that wasn’t so healthy. Dare I say it? I was looking for classic bistro style, gourmet fare. I was sick of the stereotypical vegan restaurants with tapestries and plastic silverware that were my only choices. Have you ever been to one of those vegan restaurants? I was just bored with the stereotypical vegan fare that I encountered. I wanted something more. I wanted those gourmet dishes, those bistro favorites, I just wanted nice, good, well made vegan food. So, I decided to start a vegan blog whose focus was to review restaurants and their vegan options for people looking for more gourmet-style vegan food, not the stereotypical vegan food. But, as you might be able to tell, my plans changed, quickly. Very few posts on the blog have anything to do with gourmet or snobby restaurants, as I had planned, but the name stuck, so here we are 3 years later as VegetarainSnob. Curious why a vegan blog is vegetariansnob and not vegan snob? Check out my explanation here. Plus, vegansnob was taken ;).

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2. Removing seriousness for the sake of positivity

The reason I became a vegan was not for health reasons, but for animal rights. Now, my reasons have evolved to include health and the environment, etc, but originally I wanted to be vegan to help save animals. What I found as a new vegan was that there was so much sad information out there. Information that needed to be seen and shared, but after a while, seeing those terrifying videos over and over, I decided I wanted to take a different approach. I wanted to avoid focusing on the negative aspects of veganism or animal rights by avoiding those sorts of videos and campaigns. I think that they are effective, but after a while, you get the idea. I wanted to offer a blog that was focused on making the transition to being a vegan or vegetarian easier without the harsh realities playing over and over on screen, without traumatizing my audience. Now, if you haven’t noticed, sometimes people tend to troll vegans. I get it, we’re weird. Get over it. So, in order to address a serious issue and help people make the transition easier, I decided to try and take the seriousness of veganism out of the equation to promote positivity and possibility. Some people disagree with my approach, but hey, it’s my blog, I can be the boss ;). By poking fun at myself in my name, calling myself a snob, it automatically takes some of the edge off, some of the tension off of the scary veganism. I find that when I share my blog name with others they laugh and the reception is positive. Laughter breaks tension. Laughter opens up possibility. Possibility opens the world up to change. That’s my goal, that’s my strategy. By poking fun at myself, I’m able to engage in a conversation that used to be filled with a lot of negativity, with a lot of aggression and tension, and enter into that conversation with a new, fresh light, a light that doesn’t take itself too seriously and that can engage in a serious discussion without taking the fun out of it.

Full circle: Why do you call yourself a snob? I call myself a snob due to a change in blog plans and to lighten the mood :).

Question of the day: If you started a blog, what would you call it?

Happy snobbing,

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